Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm writing a paper on Walton Ford, "an American artist who paints large scale watercolors in the style of Audubon's naturalist illustrations. Each painting is a meticulous study in flora and fauna, while being filled with symbols, clues and jokes referencing a multitude of texts from colonial literature and folktales to travel guides. Ford's paintings are complex narratives that critique the history of colonialism, industrialism, politics, natural science, and man's effect on the environment" (Wikipedia).
It gave me an excuse to order the awesome Pancha Tantra; a retrospective of his work that Taschen put out and which I've been lusting after for years. The pics do not do it justice; it is a brute of a thing. 12X15", 320 pages, 2 inches thick and heavy enough to stun a charging rhino. It arrived today. When opened the plastic wrap I was greeted by New Book Aroma. 

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