Wednesday, December 1, 2010


French illustrator Enki Bilal came up in class the other day, so I thought I'd (re)post a couple of videos that feature him schooling suckas in his studio. They seem to be from some kind of "day in the life" type of documentary. I'd love to find the whole thing intact. I could watch hours of this.

While we're on the subject of awesome Frenchness, a new blog popped up featuring the work of the peerless Moebius. It's not well organized, but there's a lot of his work to check out. Stuff like this:
Oh! And here's Moebius rocking a Cintiq at last year's Angouleme festival in France.


Cognoman said...

Heh, I was actually gonna post a comment on your blog letting you know about that Moebius blog a day or so ago, but for some reason I figured you'd already know about it. Looks like I was right!
It really is great. I recommend looking through the archives because there's SO SO much beautiful stuff in there already.

Derek said...

I have a ton of Moebuis stuff, but still found lots of things on that blog I'd never seen before. I'd like to see better tags and (dare I say) fewer posts per day?