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"I thought that I'd seen someone
Who seemed at last to know the truth
I was mistaken
It was only a child
Laughing in the sun"


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Might be time to start cooling it a bit. 

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Built this structure in Sketchup for an assignment. Based on the principles used by Frank Lloyd Wright to build his home in arizona.

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Was out this morning around 10:30 taking some pics for reference. I cobbled a half dozen of them into this collage.

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... designed by Buckminster Fuller in 1933.
as always, click to enlarge

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John Allison has been making webcomics for 10 years or so. He recently posted a manifesto for indie comics creators, but I think most of the points he makes applies to any artistic endeavor, or any business endeavor (interpreted loosely enough), for that matter.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


French illustrator Enki Bilal came up in class the other day, so I thought I'd (re)post a couple of videos that feature him schooling suckas in his studio. They seem to be from some kind of "day in the life" type of documentary. I'd love to find the whole thing intact. I could watch hours of this.

While we're on the subject of awesome Frenchness, a new blog popped up featuring the work of the peerless Moebius. It's not well organized, but there's a lot of his work to check out. Stuff like this:
Oh! And here's Moebius rocking a Cintiq at last year's Angouleme festival in France.

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I did a 10 page comic for a school assignment.  It is formatted to fit a 1440 X 900 monitor when viewed full screen.
Click here to download a 7 MB Pdf, or view it online as a slide show here.
Below is a small version of all 10 pages.
I envisage the character's helmet being wired for sound.  This is what would be playing during the descent. 

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The Angoulême International Comics Festival in France is a pretty big deal. Over there they kind of look at it as an art form. In North America there is a disproportionate amount of superhero comics. It's kind of like if, at the Oscar's, there was just action movies - Lethal Weapon winning best picture. Then you go over to Europe and see all this other beautiful stuff.

They recently announced their short list of the best stuff of the year. There are half a dozen or so books who's publication language was originally English. The rest, I'm not even sure if you can get them over here. They look pretty, though. Click on the covers for a closer look, then click again for a brief description, if your French is okay. So cool to see all the different styles that are represented. You'll notice a complete absence of capes, as well...

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Artist Kyle Baker recently decided not to renew ownership of his website's domain name, reasoning that for a contemporary artist, there is no reason to have one. He discusses his reasoning in a post on his blog.

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Whilst working in Photoshop I happened to turn off a couple layers to see what's what. Thought I'd save the happenstance for posterity:

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Philly soul 1970.

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There are aspects of the rough(s) that I like better than the final, but I think it stands on it's own...

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Giant Steps is one of my faves. Fun to see it given the "kinetic type" treatment, although I miss that run at the end.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's always fun when a band changes up their steez and turns a corner on their fans. Plus, crafty marketing. I'm not a fan of My Chemical Romance; I've enjoyed a couple of singles but I've never felt the need to own any of their stuff. That said, I like the new album cover, and the band's new look. Stupid enough to be cool.


Wikipedia: "Manhattanhenge (sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice) is a semiannual occurrence in which the setting sun aligns with the east–west streets of the main street grid in the borough ofManhattan in New York City. The term is derived from Stonehenge, at which the sun aligns with the stones on the solstices. It was coined in 2002 by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. It applies to those streets that follow the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, which laid out a grid offset 29.0 degrees from true east–west."

The track is a cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" performed by Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules.

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Drew Struzan did the painting for the cover of Alice Cooper's 1975 album. I found a nice pristine picture (and detail) of the original art on Struzan's website.
click to enlarge...

I so love the hand in the close-up. I remember seeing this cover in my older brothers collection when I was little. I was really taken with the brushstrokes, although I couldn't have articulated that at the time. Now I see a real Leyendecker influence:
I think I can trace my love of markmaking back to this.
I like Van Gogh because of Alice Cooper.


In 1970, Iggy and the Stooges tore it up at a music festival in Cincinnati. It resulted in one of the best photos in all of rock and roll. Decades later, footage surfaced of the performance. Watch Iggy basically invent stage diving, be lifted by the audience like the second coming, smear himself with peanut butter (Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys would take credit for bringing it from home) and generally just get rowdy while the Stooges lay down a punk rock assault 5 years before punk existed, all while the announcer watches in disbelief.

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