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Super Curbster

I thought it was the northern lights at first glance, but it's lights (from McMahon stadium, I think) shooting up into a cloud.

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The trailer was so bad I never bothered to watch the Green Lantern movie. Shame, because the character/concept is pretty cool. He was created in 1940 (below left) and revamped in 1959 (middle). And 50 years later, still has legs (below right). 
I decided to tweak the costume a bit. I did a kind of stylized lantern-shining-in-the-dark thing and gave him white boots to match the white gloves. Actual boots. Even if you can get on board with the conceit of running around in a speedskater-type onesie, you want more between your feet and the pavement than a layer of lycra when you're fighting crime (or fighting anything, for that matter). 

A 1950's F-100 Super Sabre in the background to signify where he has come from and outer space glimpsed through the upper atmosphere above to show where he's gone.

It's interesting the extent to which popular entertainment shows where people's heads are at. In the 40's there seemed to be a preoccupation with magic/occult and exoticism. The Shadow, the Phantom, Fu Manchu; and superheroes got their powers through magic talismans from far off lands. 

Post WW2, superheroes were no longer necessary to the publics psyche, the war having been won and America enjoying prosperity. 

In the 60's there was a resurgence of the costumed hero  along with the rise of the counter-culture and it was science, especially radiation, giving them super powers. 

Now that there is again a resurgence of super heroes in popular culture (usually created by some kind of genetic modification in the new batch of movies), you have to wonder why we're once more drawn to the superhero. The world is looking a little dire at the moment. We must feel we need saving again.

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This is a poster I did for an upcoming thing in September. I removed the text as the event's details may still be unfolding. I often throw some things I like into an image without too much thought about how they'll contribute to the meaning of the piece as a whole. It's always fun to see how they synch up and become something larger, or present a narrative of some kind. I suppose one's subconscious is doing it's thing, giving you little puzzle pieces to fit together.

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Calgary's The Shakespeare Company premiered a play called Queens this week, about some of the Bard's female characters. I provided some illustrations that will be used as projections. I was asked to insert drawings of the actor's faces into specific tarot cards. Using Pamela Colman Smith's illustrations from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, I decided to take it a little further and redid the linework for clarity and tweaked the colors somewhat (a lot).  Below are the original cards alongside my reworkings. Click for bigitude.

I was asked to provide just a scan of the Tower card as well, but I did this one too, so they would hang together as a series more.

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I just had a look over the last 6 months or so of posts and realized there isn't much illustration going on here! A lot of posts but not much of my own stuff. I'll  have to do something about that.
For now, here are a couple logos I did this year.

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Animation designed by the awesome Dave Cooper. He never updates his website or blog or Flickr page, so heres a link to a Google images search for his work. He does paintings and comics and toys. He also did a kids book under a pseudonym, I presume because his other stuff can get kind of porn-y. I like this song, too.

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... is a weekly webcomic by Karl Kerschl. It's about a sasquatch guy and his woodland buddies. Kerschl draws awesome animals.

It's usually funny, but there're poignant moments and cool mystical things.

Go here.



I thought I knew what this video was going to be. But it's really, really entertaining. Highly recommended, whether you draw or not.

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Awesome branding for the 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia.

Click here for an article about it's development and how it will be used at the games.

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A panel by the French comics artist.

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Art Spiegelman on accidental protagonists:
Click to enlarge this excerpt from the September 1995 issue of the Comics Journal (#180). If you are able, I recommend tracking down this issue as well as #181 for an amazing two part interview. This guy is smart. Looking forward to hearing the Pulitzer Prize winning comics creator speak in two days.

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Opening credits to Gaspar Noe's Into the Void.

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... or pre school, I guess. I did this a few years ago. Spring cleaning. The first half is guitar mangling, the second half is gonzo production. Probably benefits from headphones. Apologies to divorcĂ©es.


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Best known for his illustration work with Hunter S Thompson. He also typographs like a mother. Here is a video of the menu text for the Criterion DVD of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, based on Thompson's book. Awesome.

Check out his art at

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I made an animated gif of this, blinking back and forth, but for some reason when it hits the cyberweb it gets all glitchy, so here are the component images.