Friday, January 22, 2010


There was this design competition in Italy in which over 3100 designers from 88 different countries took part. This is what these pretentious assholes chose as the winner:

Hey, are your black turtlenecks a little too tight?
Must have been a slow fucking year.

Also, London's "Unpackaged" grocery store seems to be getting a lot of attention for selling stuff without packaging - you bring your own containers and pay by weight.

What a bold new concept. Umm, farmers markets, anyone? As well, the space itself looks like a hair salon circa 1992. Ironical that the store itself is poorly packaged!

grumble grumble...

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Lauren Tamaki said...

Bah ha ha - like anyone who designs useless crap for a living has ever cut wood. Hmmm... Its all starting to make sense...