Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here are some examples of 5 comic book artists work. For each artist I chose pieces (in most cases) 20 or 30 years apart to look at how each has evolved over a chunk of their careers. It's cool the way they started out with more representational anatomy and rendering, and as they evolve as artists things get weirder, anatomy gets more distorted and abstracted, panels get bigger, figures take up more real estate. Generally things get more dynamic and expressive; blocky, cubist - and arguably just better.
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Jack Kirby: 1940's/1970's

Frank Miller: 1984/2001-ish

Mike Mignola: 1987/2007-ish

Bill Sienkiewicz: 1980/1987(!)

John Romita Jr: 1980's/2008

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