Monday, November 1, 2010


There are aspects of the rough(s) that I like better than the final, but I think it stands on it's own...


Cognoman said...

Ursus Major?
Yeah, all 3 of the stages have uniquely cool aspects going for them - and, once again, the textures on the red sky and the astronaut in the final piece are in the process of blowing my mind and squelching my brain out through my ears. Whatever you're doing with that texture, it's awesome (I'm assuming it's some real-world paint/ink speckles, scanned in and then sprinkled with a dash of photoshoppery on top). Magic!
The lighting is also dealt with really well on the astronaut.

2 comments in a week, yikes - what's the world coming to, heh. I dunno man, your stuff is lookin' pretty darn good.

Derek said...

Thanks, Dawg. This one is only 1% digi; I fixed a weird blemish where the red didnt dry smoothly and left a 4 inch vertical "scar"