Monday, January 16, 2012


My young friend Emmerson sent me this awesome drawing he did of a robot.
I thought it kind of looked like a brick guy in the forest, so i sent him this back.


Cognoman said...

Heh heh...I'm assuming 'young' means like, 20-something? Because that's a pretty neat drawing there... innovative, interesting, would easily fit in in a 4th-year Drawing show (although I guess pretty much any object on Earth could fit in in a 4th-year Drawing show...but still, that pic there's pretty cool).

Oh, yeah, your drawing's neat too, I guess (heh).

Derek said...

He's 10 this month, I think.

Cognoman said...

Whoa. Okay then, I'm predicting it now, heh: this Emmerson fella's gonna be a superstar.
My advice? Just grab ahold of his coattails and cruise your way to fame.

(random sidenote: I had to Google whether 'ahold' is a real word...and...apparently it is, I think)